Alennium, CBA’s new
sustainable aluminum label.

CBA is committed to supplying low-carbon aluminum for a better world. And our Alennium mark is here to reinforce this commitment—a new label identifying articles made with our low-carbon aluminum.

You can now quickly identify products that are helping to build a more sustainable world for everyone in the next millennium.

Alennium connects our efforts to those of our partners who understand the role and responsibility we have to society. After all, sustainability is a key part of our mission and the future we’re building together.

What products are eligible to display the Alennium mark?

The new mark can be displayed on products made with our low-carbon aluminum—emitting less than 4 tons of CO2 per ton of smelted aluminum.

Why are Alennium-labeled products low-carbon?

CBA produces primary aluminum with 100% renewable electricity.

Our smelter emissions were just 2.56 tons of CO2 equivalent per ton of aluminum in 2021, and we are currently upgrading our technology to further cut emissions.

Our refinery produces aluminum oxide with one of the lowest emissions levels in the world, using steam produced from reforested wood biomass.

And despite our industry-leading performance, we are working toward a target to further reduce our carbon emissions by 40%—from mine to casthouse.

We were the first primary aluminum manufacturer to set emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This means that our targets are aligned with the Paris Agreement and are effectively helping to mitigate climate change.

Our new Alennium label expresses who we are and is integral to our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.


We have chosen to take on a leading role in building a better society. We know that our actions can have a major positive impact. That is why we are seeking to bring about change by fostering a more collaborative world.

Learn about some of CBA’s ESG initiatives
beyond our low-carbon commitment:


Two private environmental reserves providing nature-based solutions

Advanced mine rehabilitation methods that are creating new wildlife corridors and helping biodiversity to flourish

Investments in expanding our recycling capacity and developing new technology to recycle aluminum packaging

Improved water efficiency and investments to minimize water withdrawals and build water-resource resilience


Social programs across education, economic development and public management support

Support for and development of a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture

Investment in employee safety and quality of life

Local community engagement and development


Best-practice governance

Strict anti-corruption and compliance policies

An Audit Committee 100% composed of independent members

An increasingly sustainable value chain

Sustainable solutions co-developed with customers

Important commitments, certifications and ratings, including: ASI, the Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, and CDP

Learn more on our ESG portal and in our Annual Report.

Let’s build together!

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